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It's All in the Details

It's All in the Details


Home is where the heart is, whether that’s an apartment, a condo, a tract house, or a mansion. What’s more, your home is meant to showcase you, and that means that it does not have to be perfect. When we look at your home, we can see where you’ve been, your travels, experiences, and who you are.

Some of the most impactful decor elements that can showcase you and your style are the small little touches scattered through the space. These details pack a punch.

Let’s look at what you can do to up your home’s personality from floor to ceiling.

Décor Details in the Living Room

interior design decor living room window

Windows let in light and that natural light can raise our moods and make the room feel alive. Using layers of curtains with darkening ones for privacy with sheers underneath can be a wonderful option to show off your tastes and keep the room airy and bright.

Remember that the patterns you use for the curtain can say a lot too. I have brightly colored curtains with several strips of different colors in them. They add the right Boho flair, and I’ve received several compliments.

If you have the chance to make your window bigger or replace them, that can also add the pop you want.

Curtain rods, tiebacks, valances. These can all add a unique flair when you choose the items carefully. Check out antique malls and thrift stores for neat little finds.

Trim & Molding

interior design decor antique store finds

In most homes, the wood present is painted or stained, but why not try something a bit unique with a distressed, aged finish? You can devote the whole house to it, just one room, or a single piece of furniture.

You can use chalk paint to achieve this look, and it’s especially nice because it doesn’t take as much time because you don’t need to sand the item and it dries quicker. Once the item, whether it’s a table, chair, or the molding around your bedroom, is dry you can sand some of the edges to increase that aged feel.

To add to this decorating style you can incorporate some vintage pieces, such as refurbished chandeliers, sconces, hardware, or even metal baskets if you’re doing the kitchen or patio. Budget-friendly showcase pieces? Yes, please!

Interior Wall Décor

interior design decor wall hangings

Walls attract a lot of attention. Whether it’s wallpaper, paint, or art hanging on the wall itself, they tell us a lot about you. What you do to your walls and what you put on them can showcase your personal style more than a lot of things.

Build out shelving around a focal point like a TV or fireplace and deck it out with your favorite knick-knacks. If you don’t have a focal point, create one with a huge piece of art that you love. You can check out those antique malls again or paint something yourself if you’re feeling crafty.

interior design decor focal wall 3d wall items

You could even collect a bunch of images, paintings and/or photography, that run around the same theme or color scheme and arrange them on the wall in a large grouping to create that same effect. You can try 3D pieces as well like wall sculptures or floating shelves.

And remember your frames. They don’t have to be all black squares. You can change it up and find large, ornate pieces at the thrift shop and then paint them a bold color.

interior design decor wall focal point

You may also want to consider making a signature wall. You can do this by using wallpaper. There’s even removable wallpaper if you don’t want something as permanent.

Wallpaper has been updated with today’s technology. You can find it in a plethora of looks and textures, from blownup images to metals and brick. It can create a whole new vibe and style in an otherwise plain room.

Flooring Trends

interior design decor rug

There are definitely a few routes you can take with flooring. You can really create a wow factor with amazing flooring that reflects your style like wood-look laminate that resembles distressed, colorful wood. Or, you can use an impactful, patterns rug on an otherwise neutral floor.

Either way, these are great places to add a punch of personality. You can even paint a section of the floor a solid, striking color or paint on a design with a stencil like a mandala.

On Tables, On Shelves

Clutter is one thing, but decking out your surfaces with purposeful collectibles is another. If you’ve always been a collector of first editions or vintage camera, modern art, etc., show it off! Create a truly personalized look by taking your favorite items and making them a special home on your shelves or tables.

When they are set up with care in what I always call “set-ups” you can create little scenes through the house that display your style and personality.

If you’re looking for new furniture that you can showcase or use to hold your treasures, we have a huge selection right here.

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