Sliding into Sin City- Your Desert Move & Furniture Guide

Welcome to Las Vegas, NV!

You’re moving! Well, take it from us, that is no small feat. And when you’re moving to the desert there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

But that’s why we’re here!

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We’ll help you to enjoy a smooth move with no unexpected issues as long as you stay on top of your game with these helpful tips.

Getting to Know Your New Home

Vegas is known well for everything it has to offer- luxury hotels, posh casinos, & incredible entertainment- but it’s also so much more than the strip.

While so many people come to visit and the travel and tourism pay for much of the city’s upkeep, there are also millions of people living here. Gambling and recreation support Las Vegas’s schools, medical facilities, shopping, construction, highways and transportation industries, and the other fun things to do for everyone who calls the Greater Metro area home.

Vegas holds thoughtfully planned communities for families, singles, and seniors with every basic service you’d need, such as great schools, shopping, medical services, parks, and active community and senior centers. And it’s continually growing. We see new amenities and homes go up almost daily.

Most of the population came here from somewhere else, tempted by the nightlife, job opportunities, and warm climate.

This is a beautiful city that definitely holds something for everyone, and you’re probably excited to be moving. But excited or not, moving is still stressful. Having been through it ourselves, these are our top tips when you’re relocating to the desert.

Beat the Heat

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Yes. This is a desert. In fact, right now it’s a round 100° and will certainly go up. That’s certainly a high temp to be working in. If you are moving soon or plan to be, try aiming for our Spring and Autumn months. They offer mild days in the mid-70s and cool, breezy nights. The winter months can get a bit chilly too since the ground doesn’t hold onto the heat well.

If you’re able to move at that time, you’ll also be avoiding a lot of the tourists who flock to the city during the summer.

Additionally, if you’re not used to desert living, spread your move-in over a few days so that you can adapt to this new normal. During your move, and into the foreseeable future, make sure you and your family keep well hydrated throughout the day and take some downtime to cool off at night. This goes double for kids and pets.

Our Top Tips

Label Everything

moving to las vegas boxes labeling

Every box or bag needs a label, and don’t just say what’s in it, say where it’s supposed to go. You might also want to think about color coding. You can get different colored duct tape that can help you to see in a few seconds where the box is supposed to go. You can also number them if you have several going to the same room. That way you’ll know there are five boxes set to go in the kitchen, six for the bedroom, and so on.

Moving’s Golden Rule

Heavy items go in small boxes. Light items go in larger boxes. Think about books. If you back a large box full of books, you probably won’t be able to lift it easily or at all. If you put your books in several smaller boxes, you’ll be able to move them easier. This rule applies to everything you pack.

Pack the One Room Per Box

Stick to this for simplicity sake. If you have several rooms in the same box it will get confusing. Having smaller boxes will help to make this doable as well. You won’t be struggling to fill a box with items from all over the house if you stick to small and medium-sized boxes.

Moving Day is for Moving

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On Moving Day you should be done packing and your house should be stripped bare. You don’t want to stress yourself out more by struggling to finish packing while you’re loading up the truck.

Don’t Like It Don’t Take It

If you’re not in love with a piece of furniture, and you’ve always kept it around out of sheer necessity, don’t take it with you. Sell it or donate it to a local charity. You can use the money toward your move and replacing it with something you actually enjoy. This can also save you on cost if you’re able to make it so that you don’t need as big of a moving vehicle.

If you’re worried about furnishing your home, we can help you. We offer a Whole Home Package when you’re relocating to the city, and we have a host of products to fill up your new space. Plus, we offer free in-home setup on all orders over $1,199 and have several financing options. You can check out our delivery options here.

Las Vegas Specifics

  • If possible, avoid The Strip and Downtown when driving through the city. Both areas are heavily populated at all times and can easily double your travel time thanks to the traffic and construction.
  • Pay attention to parking signs and meters. You don’t want a parking ticket on moving day.
  • For pet owners, Vegas requires permits for any household pets. If you’re a breeder, the City requires a special pet fancier permit.
  • Stop by the showroom! Come see all we have to offer and let us personally welcome you to the city by coming down to our location at 3025 East Post Road.

Welcome, Home!

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Check out this comprehensive moving checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything!