Back to School Furniture Basics

Sending Them Off to College

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Welcome to July! School season might seem like it’s a ways off, but when you need to set up your new college student for dorm or apartment living it’s a lot closer than you think.

When I was a college student, decorating my dorm and then my apartment helped to make them feel less like temporary living spaces and more like home. Sure you’ll still be leaving soon, but having your favorite furniture items travel with you makes it that much easier to get settled in when you’re hopping from place to place.

Whether it’s a residence hall or off-campus apartment, and even post-college, if you live in a small space, decorating on a budget is crucial. Whether it is yourself, your child, or your grandkid going off to college, back to school furniture and mattresses will be important things to shop for as soon as you can.

Below, I’ve rounded up dorm furnishings and decor ideas to help you send your college freshman, or yourself, off to school in style.

Start With A Good Foundation

A good mattress properly fitted for the student will ensure that when they are sleeping, they’re getting a good night’s rest. We all know how essential our sleep when for maintaining energy and thought processes, so give your kid a leg up by finding them the best mattress.

If your child will be in the dorm, a standard Twin XL will be provided, but it won’t be the comfiest thing in the world. You can help them out a bit by shopping the Open Box models right here. We have quite a few Twins and Twin XLs that’ll be more than a step above what they’ll get from Student Housing.

If your child will be in an apartment, we also have several Queen mattresses available for budget-friendly open box prices, and still more yet if you want to buy new.

When you’re living on your own, your mattress might not be your greatest concern. But you’re doing yourself a disservice. Set yourself up for success with a high-quality mattress that will last you. Remember:

Always buy the largest and best quality mattress you can afford.

And parents, helping your student to get a good mattress will be a gift that will actually help them every day. You can even go in on it together and give them a dry-run of what adult life is really like. Just wait till they have to pick out insurance.

Studious Spaces

back to school desk studying

A student's work area is also important in helping them to achieve academic success. A practical and efficient study area which can hold everything they need will help to ensure they can focus.

Dorms can frequently provide desks, but if your student is moving on up to an apartment, they’ll definitely appreciate having a set space to do their work, instead of trying to study on the couch (though that may still happen).

There are several desks available that can work great in a variety of spaces, from the studio apartment to the three-bedroom. If you’re looking to stay within a very strict budget, look at the Coaster Contemporary Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray and Casters. It’s small enough to fit in even the tightest of spaces and can be moved around easily.

If your budget is a little more open, the Coaster Contemporary Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray and 2-Piece Desk Set with Rolling File Cabinet are both great options. While the Contemporary Computer Desk is of metal construction, it’s not bulky or oversized. And the 2-Piece Desk Set’s beautiful wood look and rolling cabinet are fantastic when you want a bit more space and storage.

We have a plethora of options that can suit any style, from traditional to ultra-modern. Check out desks here. There are also bookcases and other storage essentials that come in a variety of sizes.

And remember, just because you might be moving doesn’t mean that your furniture needs to be bland or boring. These things can travel with you (you’ll just have to bribe a few people into helping you with free pizza).

Key Tip: Plan out your shopping. Take measurements and use them to ensure everything you get will fit.

Stay in the Know

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Furnishing your freshman’s dorm or even college senior's apartment with the best items will make each moment of this particularly challenging time more comfortable. Plus, if your student's current academic adventure means you’ll have empty space in your house, this might be the time to consider re-decorating other rooms.

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So, congrats graduates and enrollees! You did it! (Now go study.)