Adjustable Base Buying Guide

Adjustable beds are a great way to fully customize your sleeping experience. Using an adjustable bed you are going to almost guarantee that you will find your optimal sleeping position. Split base options allow sleeping partners to choose which individual style works best for them.

Advantages to an Adjustable Base

There are many wellness and health benefits that are linked to adjustable beds. Deeper sleeper can be achieved now that you have added multiple sleeping options. Adjustable beds have been known to improve blood circulation and even aid in helping with acid reflux and sleep apnea. A common issue of snoring is addressed as well. Many beds come with a feature that is labeled “snore”. This will raise the headrest slightly, to move the body into a position where the breathing passage is opened. That is just a few of the many advantages to having an adjustable base.

The Right Mattress

Making sure that you have a compatible mattress is very important when you are deciding to transition to an adjustable bed. Mattresses that are too firm or hard will not have enough give in them to move properly with the bed. We advise that the Sealy Optimum and hybrid mattresses are best for your new bed. They complement the adjustable base system very nicely. If you would rather try a different mattress make sure that they are pliable enough to move freely with your new base.

Features of Adjustable Beds

Often adjustable beds come loaded with features and safety measures. Many of the features will be personal preferences, so make sure to get a bed that has everything that you are looking for.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity – More and more bases are equipped with the option to connect your phone to the base through Bluetooth. This will allow you to control your base from your phone, and not have to worry about keeping track of the remote.
  • Wireless Remote – This is a feature that is becoming more common. A wired remote can still come in handy, because you know exactly where it is. When you have a wireless remote, either person in bed will have the ability to control the base.
  • Under Bed Lighting – When you wake up in the morning, or even in the middle of the night, under bed lighting is a nice feature to have. The light will shine just bright enough for you to see where you are going, but not bright enough to wake your sleeping partner.
  • Safety Features – There are many safety features that are being incorporated into adjustable bases. Pinch detection is a very important one. This feature will ensure that pets or children will not get caught when the base is in motion. Gravity fall is another nice feature to have. If the power goes out, the bed will slowly descend back to a flat position.
  • Massage – Relaxing vibration is now being seen more and more on adjustable beds. This is an amazing feature for going to sleep, or even when you are trying to wake up. Can you imagine being woken up by a massage, instead of a screaming alarm clock.
  • Many More – There are many more features, some that are specific to certain beds. Make sure to check the features on each bed that you are considering. You may be surprised what options are actually available.

Why Did You Decide on an Adjustable Bed

If is very important to consider your needs when you are shopping for an adjustable bed. Think about what brought you to the decision to switch from a standard bed. If you find multiple adjustable bases that have what you are looking for, go back to your original reasons for the purchase.


Like almost anything on the market, there are multiple price points from high to low. Consider the things that are important to you with your budget in mind. Some bases come with a mattress, which will raise the price significantly. If you have a 10 year old mattress, this might be something that will benefit you in the near future, versus putting it off until a later date. Do not let your budget be a reason to turn away from adjustable beds. We have a wide array of options with price points starting out at a very affordable level.

Style Choices

Some people often think that just because you are using an adjustable base, you are not able to add any kind of headboard. Many adjustable bases will fit into a standard bed frame, which means you do not have to sacrifice any style choices. Even if you choose an adjustable base that can be seen, the materials used are often contemporary and stylish on their own.

Still Have Questions?

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