Massage Chair Buying Guide

Even the cheapest massage chair is a significant purchase. It not is a decision that you are going rush into without doing at least a minimal amount of research. Will this chair work for me? Do I like it? What are the benefits? With this guide we hope to help make your massage chair purchase easier and give you some key factors to focus on when making your decision.


Don’t be caught up by the price you initially see when you start browsing massage chair. Many of the chairs we offer include discounts that are not always instantly reflected in the price. You have to select the discount to see the price difference. A few massage chairs have extreme discounts at times, so it is good to keep checking. Another option is to find an open box special. These are massage chairs that are literally….an open box. This is great opportunity to get a virtually new chair at a lower price. Finally, there is our used massage chair program. Some people like to upgrade their chairs when newer models come out. This is the prefect chance for you to get a chair, that has been slightly used, at a drastic price drop. To find out more about our used massage chair program give us a call at 702-388-7774.



Massage Chair Size

When you consider the size of a massage chair, it is not just the physical size of the actual chair that is important. That is a fact that you want to take into consideration. Where will the chair be located, and is there enough room around the chair to properly recline. Some massage chairs feature space saving technology. That technology allows the chair to only require a minimal amount of space behind it to fully recline. The base of the chair moves forward creating room for the headrest to slide down, rather than the chair just completely spreading out. The second size you need to be concerned about is if the chair fits your body shape. If you are too large or too small for the chair you are not going to get the full benefits of the massage. This particularly comes into play when you are using the airbag system. If the airbags can not reach your body properly they will be ineffective.


Massage Chair Rollers

There are three different massage chair roller types. 2D, 3D or 4D rollers and each one will give you a very different massage. The 2D massage can be looked at as the standard massage roller. It will give you a good massage, but not get deep into the muscle tissue. A 3D massage is more intense and equivalent of a deep tissue massage. This is a great option if you have ongoing ailments. Finally, a 4D massage is the equivalent of a deep tissue massage. has a lot in common with 3D, but features advance technology that smooths out the massage motion. At times this massage style can be too intense for casual users. Do not let that scare you off because there is an aspect to the different massage styles that you need to take into consideration. You can always lower the intensity of a 4D massage chair, but you will never be able to make 2D or a 3D massage chair more intense than their level. If you feel that you may like a deep massage now and again, it may be wise to go with a higher intensity.


Massage Track

There are two types of massage tracks, L-track and S-track. The S-track will massage from you neck down to your upper back. The L-track massages from your neck all the way down to your upper thigh. Some people do not like how far down an L-track will go. This is similar to how you can control the intensity of a massage chair, you can normally control the length of the track as well. The massage track relates specifically to the above mentioned areas. The rest of your body will receive a massage through the airbag system that is spread all over the chair.


Zero Gravity Recline

Zero gravity recline is when the chair gets into an optimal position for your massage. The back of the chair will lower to a point where your legs are resting above your heart. The weight of your body is then placed completely on the back of the massage chair. This removes all the stress from your joints and prepares your body to completely receive the massage. This is ideal for ultimate relaxation and is a technique that is used by NASA.



There are many benefits to getting massaged regularly, beside the relaxation aspect. Massage therapy is not just related to fitness injuries. Anxiety, headaches and stress related pain can all be eased by regular massage. Studies have shown that massage can also regulate blood pressure and speed up injury recovery. Some chairs feature health programs that are designed specifically to target wellness related massage. 



The warranty on new massage chairs can vary from brand to brand. Normally parts and labor are covered initially by a manufacturer's warranty for 3 to 5 years. Warranties can usually be extended up to five years, but sometimes comes at a cost. You can purchase and extended warranty for up to 5 years that everything. If you are concerned about the life of your chair, make sure to look into the extended warranty option.


Massage Chair Purchase

Before you run off and buy your chair make sure you are going to be completely satisfied with your decision. Check all the measurements to ensure that the chair will fit in any doorway it will have to pass through. Test out some chairs locally to see what your options are. If you find a chair you like at a better price, let us know and we will work with you to get you the best deal. Come down to our showroom to test out a chair for yourself. We may not have the exact chair you're looking for, but will have different option to try out. 


Still Have Questions?

Our massage chair experts are ready and waiting to answer any and all of your questions. Give us a call at 702.388.7774. If you don't have time for a phone call you can email us at and we will get back to you right away.