Welcoming the Kushion Bluetooth Speaker Pillow to Las Vegas Furniture Online

The Kushion Bluetooth Speaker Pillow has just arrived at Las Vegas Furniture Online. This innovative pillow was in development for over two years. The Kushion is not an idea that was quickly thrown onto the market, like so many other speaker pillows you will find. The Kushion is a device that is going to enhance your listening experience every time that you use it.

The quality of the sound that comes out of the Kushion is often compared to top-notch stand-alone speakers. Kushion has the ability to not only play music, but also be used for phone calls or even gaming. You will be able to create a fully immersive environment when you bring the Kushion into your gaming life.

Connecting multiple pillows together through Bluetooth will have the effect of surround sound in one room, or spread the music throughout your entire home. The Bluetooth range of the Kushion is one of the longest currently on the market. You will have the ability to use the Kushion for 8 hours of continuous play and even have the option to charge your phone from your pillow. An aux plug is available if you decide to plug directly into the speaker.

The Kushion is not just a standard pillow that someone decided to shove a speaker into. This is a Bluetooth Speaker Pillow that will fit seamlessly into your life and enhance every aspect of your listening experience.