The Perfect Self-Care Day

You Deserve To Take a Break & Care For Yourself, Here’s How.

You do your best to keep up your self-care routine, but trying to create a spa-like atmosphere in a room that’s seen better days can be extremely challenging.

The Importance of Self Care

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Eat balanced meals. Read books. Stretch. Take care of your body. While they may seem mundane, it’s very important to do these things regularly and with reverence so that you can feel whole each morning you wake up.

Ever hear the adage “You can’t pour from an empty cup?” It’s true. If you’re drained and barely scraping by, how exactly are you supposed to offer care and support to other people? 

Self-care isn’t selfish. It helps to recharge a person and give them the fuel they need to perform everyday tasks and deal with emergencies. If you can devote just one day a week to self-care, maybe even just half of the day, you’ll be better off. But trust me, I get it. Finding time to have time for yourself can be hard. We all have things that take up our time, jobs, kids, fur babies, life-sustaining hobbies (although taking time for that last one is part of self-care), etc. 

You might think that a day off would be better spent doing something more productive than taking care of yourself, but this just isn’t the case. 

You will burn out if you burn the candle at both ends and take no time to rest. You can’t pretend like you’re a superhero who doesn’t have human needs. So, take care of yourself before that burnout happens. Make time for this care and everyone in your life will be thrilled with the results.

Make Your Space Work for You

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Even with fragrant lotions, rose petal baths, and the warm glow of candles, making your bedroom and bathroom into your private spa can make or break how well you’re able to truly relax.

Crystal healer and interior designer Rashia Bell says, “A bedroom is a place where you allow yourself to recharge and reboot. It is a part of your self-care routine in that it’s a space for the rituals that you use to inspire and kick off your day, or in the evening to feel gratitude for the things you accomplished. The bedroom is a great place to really unabashedly give yourself what you need.“

Bell and her partner Elizabeth Kohn, the founders of The Cristalline, know how to turn any bedroom into a high-vibe sanctuary. They say it’s crucial to make your bedroom all about you.

Bedrooms are sacred spaces. They’re the spot you go to recharge and take a break from the world, so make them reflect you to the nth degree. If you want to make it look completely different than the rest of your home, go for it. If you want to fill it with knick-knacks that mean the world to you and make you smile, go for it.

5 Tips to Turn Your Bedroom Into Your Safe Haven

Organize Your Surfaces

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It can really kill the stress-relieving mood when you sit down to enjoy a nighttime ritual and can’t find anything. Keep your dresser and vanity surfaces organized to ensure that everything is streamlined so that you can find everything you need for that relaxing beauty routine.

Keeping the main surface clear will also help if you’ll need it for something. You won’t have to move things around to make space. Bell also noted that grouping similar objects together is the most visually appealing.

If you’re looking for more storage for your bedroom, take a look at the Coaster Sandy Beach Door Dresser. It offers a concealed storage area with shelves and drawers inside the unit. The top drawer is also felt-lined for valuable items such as jewelry.

You might also like the Glossy Cappuccino Vanity with Hidden Mirror Storage and Lift-Top Stool. This vanity offers storage upon storage, making it easy to keep your surfaces clear and items easy to find.

Now that your care station is looking fine, take this time to take care of your skin. Exfoliate. Use a face mask. Apply specialty serums. If you’ve always wanted to try a proper shave, now’s the time. Steam your skin, use a premium shaving cream, and reap the benefits.

If you’re feeling especially extra, give yourself a full-on makeover. Check out some YouTube videos and create a fun look and a feel-good sense of accomplishment. Messed up? You have time, just clean up and try again.

Light It Up

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Mood lighting is crucial. Whether you’re trying to keep it dim and relaxing in the evening or bright and airy in the morning. Lights on dimmers, several smaller lamps, and natural light options will serve you the best. Having control over the lighting will help to create different moods at different times.

You might like this Mercury Glass Table Lamp that provides a calming look on a nightstand or this unique Table Lamp with an Industrial Edison Bulb design. The light it provides is dimmer and warm. Perfect for a cozy evening in.

And let’s not forget our good old fave, lighting candles. The soothing light they provide is typically paired with a fantastic scent, and they are go-to’s for creating an incredible mood. If you’re concerned about the flame, you can try the electric candles that replicate the flickering of the original and scent the room through essential oils.

Fix Up the Floor

Your feet deserve to feel the love too. Plus, stepping down on a cold floor can startle you out of your state of relaxation and bliss. Since heavy traffic isn’t as big of a concern, try out fluffier, softer rugs that will feel great on your bare feet when you wake up or curl up in bed for the evening.

If you’ve always loved the idea of stepping out of bed onto a faux fur rug, do it.

Personal Flair

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Your bedroom is a great place to create a special spot, perhaps an altar, that represents you. If you’re not familiar with this and it seems strange, just think of it this way. This is your special areas dedicated to things that make you happy and feel recharged. Looking at a collection of momentos or chilling out in a corner you’ve backed with pillows is your special place.

When you wake up in the morning you want to be greeted with happy things that are meaningful. That way you’ll wake up inspired each day. Plus, in the evening it becomes the perfect place to de-stress and let go of things that might be worrying you.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, try creating a special area by setting up the Coaster Accent Seating Microfiber Chaise Lounge near a window with an end table and extra pillows. You can put photos you love there, have your favorite book always handy, and light a beautifully scented candle whenever you’re going there to read or relax.

When you’re enjoying your new special spot, sip on some tea. It’s full of antioxidants, low on caffeine, and the warmth you get from holding the mug can be incredibly relaxing. Then, get really into your happy place by pulling out a funny book. It’ll take you out of your head and into a great experience. Try out something like Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett. Nothing is funnier than watching two inept angels dealing with the end of the world, and it certainly makes your day seem far less stressful.

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If you looking for a good place for a stretch, this can also be your special spot. If you swap the chaise for a yoga mat, this can be the perfect place for you to stretch, move, and replace any anxiety with good vibes. Through on some meditation music or classical and you’ll be so soothed stress won’t stand a chance.

Not the Space for Work

Imagine your perfect relaxation experience. Does it include worry about your job-related responsibilities? No. So, don’t let that work clutter invade your private space. Don’t keep work papers or devices in the bedroom. If your laptop is used predominately for work, it needs a new home. Got a book your reading for work? Don’t do that in your room. This is a work-free zone.

Devices are often an issue for this because we need our phones, but use “do not disturb” and silent as much as you can. On your self-care days, it’s okay to scroll on your phone, but you might also like to set the thing down and catch up on Netflix shows. Binge some TV with a face mask on and don’t bother getting dressed. It can be just what you need.

With your bedroom looking beautiful and ready for your self-care routine, you can get started on showering yourself in some much-needed love right now! Go and enjoy your perfect self-care day and never forget that each and every one of us deserves some time that’s just for us.

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How do you like to practice self-care?