How to Make Your Home a Stress-Free Sanctuary

Stress is a Killer. Don’t Let It Infiltrate Your Home.

Some stress is unavoidable, unfortunately. However, making sure that your house is a place you can come to for relaxation and calm can help you combat with life’s daily stress. Plus, too much stress can have adverse effects on both your physical and mental health, possibly causing:

  • Depression, especially in those who’ve experienced depression previously
  • Headaches
  • Poor energy and issues concentrating
  • Stomach issues and poor appetite
  • Greater risk of high cholesterol
  • Increased risk for heart attacks
stress-free home woman reading a book

When you’re overly stressed, you can’t operate at your best, and it can interfere with healthy coping mechanisms. As an anxiety sufferer, I can tell you that being able to come home to a relaxing space is extremely helpful.

While you can’t completely eliminate stress from your life, if you get stressed easily or have a stressful job, it’s crucial to make sure your home is a sanctuary where you can retreat and recharge at the end of your hectic day.

Here’s how you can work to make your house the ultimate stress-free zone.


Create a Calm Corner

stress-free home relax calm corner hammock

Finding the time let alone the space to just be can be tricky, but it offers a huge benefit. Find a room, nook, or even just a chair in your home which you can dedicate to relaxation. Pop in a cozy blanket, a candle, and make that the spot to go when you need a break. This is the special area where you can curl up there with a cup of tea and a good book.

Want to make your own special place? Put this Coaster Mid-Century Modern Accent Chair near a window, grab your Anchor Weighted Blanket designed to reduce stress, and chill out.

Cut Out Clutter

It can make your home less than inviting if you are constantly surrounded by clutter. Clean it up. Be ruthless and ditch anything you don’t use or don’t like. Donate unneeded things to charity, sell them on eBay or Craigslist, or simply toss them.


Natural Light Is Good For You

stress-free home natural light patio

Not only is natural light important for regulating your internal clock and getting adequate sleep, but it’s also important for your mental health. In fact, lack of light during the winter in several countries can even cause a type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). If your home is dark and gloomy, it can make stress and depression worse. If you’re like me, you like it dark when you’re sleeping, but when you’re not be sure to open up those curtains and blinds to let the light in. You can also use lightbulbs that emulate daylight.


Greenery Goals

stress-free home greenery goals

Spending time outdoors, which we talked about here, is extremely beneficial for your health and mood. Additionally, bring the outside in by scattering some potted plants around and showcasing artwork or photography of landscapes and nature. Research has shown that just looking at a beautiful picture of nature can lower your stress.

If you’re looking for a good place to put your plants near your cozy corner, try out the Coaster Round Plant Stand Table with a bottom shelf. It’s nice and small so it won’t lend itself to clutter, and it’ll give you a spot for your tea too.


Unplug Occasionally

Often, our homes are stuffed to the brim with tech – televisions, pcs, cell phones, and other gadgets. This technology is designed to make life easier, but sometimes it can cause more harm than good, particularly when it comes to social media. Unplugging your devices at night and turning off your phone, or at least putting it on Do Not Disturb, not only saves money but also boosts calm and concentration.


Calming Color to Chill Out

When you’re painting or choosing bedding or table linens, you might want to consider what the color is doing to your mood. Sometimes, very bright colors like red or orange can excite you too much. They might be better for a kitchen or dining room instead of your bedroom. You might want to try cool, soothing colors like grey, blue, or green in your home. However, it’s all about what makes you feel calm. Maybe looking at a very neutral wall drives you nuts. Whatever gives you that “ahh” feeling when you look at it should be the color you decorate with.

For a hit of that calming blue, check out the Shaywood Modern Sofa Bed.


Scent Power Through Essential Oils

stress-free home essential oils aromatherapy

Essential oils not only make your house smell great, but they can also help you to feel less stressed. Lavender, frankincense, chamomile, and sandalwood help to ease anxiety and even help you sleep. Feeling down or have low energy, try a citrus or peppermint scent to perk you up. There are even scents that can ease headaches and stomach upsets.


Add An Aquarium

Watching fish swim is very relaxing and can help you zen out. There’s a reason they’re popular at doctors’ offices. A study looked at a US aquarium and saw that those participants’ heart rate and blood pressure went down as more fish were added to the tank.

Put Together a “Landing Station”

Where are your keys? Who moved your shoes? Now, you need your purse or wallet. Scrambling to get everything you need to leave the house can be super stressful. A small console table at your entrance with a catch-all dish can fix this. You can even get a basket for mail and hang hooks for your hat and jackets. You’ll feel more organized and getting out the door will be a lot easier.

Check out this Antique Blue Accent Table with drawers for all your little items. It would be perfect at the entrance where it would provide that perfect landing station without taking up too much space.


Make Your Bed & Clean Your Kitchen

stress-free home hot bath relax

Start the day off on the right foot to boost your overall mood by completing an easy task that you can achieve no matter what – making your bed. Like we talked about clutter, creating a fresh, clean space by making your bed will help you to feel calm and prepared for the day ahead.

Likewise, nobody likes waking up to the mess they left the previous night. So, wipe down surfaces and put the dishes in the dishwasher before you go to bed. then go take a warm bath and sleep easy.


Get Help

If you’re struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression, professional counseling can help. It can teach you coping mechanisms and how you can minimize the effects of stress on your health and daily life. Book an appointment with a professional. There is nothing to be ashamed of and getting help before it gets worse can do more than save your stress-levels.



There you have it! If you have any questions about our offerings, you can contact us over the phone or reach out through email at And don’t forget, we offer financing that can help you create your calming home. Talk about stress-relieving.