Quick Tips for Outdoor Entertaining in Vegas Heat

Sundown Means Game On

The Las Vegas night air is fantastic for entertaining and getting outside can feel so lovely after a long work week. On cooler nights and maybe even cooler days (they happen occasionally) you can host your get-togethers outside and keep the mess out of your house and the natural beauty involved.

Here are a few tips that will help you enjoy a night in while taking advantage of the summer nights.

  • Simple and straightforward is always a less stressful way to go. Work on enhancing what is already there outside for you to work with, and you don’t have to go crazy with the decorations. Plus, don’t set yourself up for failure by trying to cook a complicated meal that you’ve never made before. This is all about low-key, laid back entertaining.
  • Las Vegas has a penchant for being windy. Forgo anything that might blow around or away like tablecloths, banners, or fragile decorations.
  • If you’re going to use glassware, be careful. Breakage outside is a whole new nightmare when you combine it with rocks and bare feet. A better way to go is to try some biodegradable plates and serving ware. It’s better for the environment and less dangerous.
  • Recycling bins are a must and making it easy for your guests will ensure they get used. Do your part to ensure that there isn’t all that plastic floating around. Remember metal bottles and glasses can’t break and Mama Nature will smile upon you.

thy hom cane garden furniture set

  • For events that will take place during the day, remember to have plenty of water, sunscreen, and shade available for your guests. A great shaded dining set can be found here.
  • Paper lanterns, chandeliers, or fairy lights can create a beautiful ambiance in any yard. Dark-colored extension cords will blend in better and you can use solar options too.
  • Candlelight creates a beauty nothing can replicate. Try them out on tables, along walkways, and use the large floor options to light dark corners. Plus, with battery operated options that flicker like the real deal, you won’t have to worry about the flame.
  • Appropriate seating is key. If you’re sharing a big meal, then make sure your table is all ready to do with enough spots. If it’s more of a chat and munch situation, arrange the furniture into little groupings to create natural hangout spots. Check out some of our customer favorites, like the Thy-Hom 5-Piece Outdoor Furniture Set and Mare 9-Piece Outdoor Dining Set, here.
thy hom mare dining set
  • If you want to have some outdoor activities on standby, try things like bean bags, flashlight tag for the kids, and cards. They’re all low key options that many people enjoy.
  • Use a bar cart stocked with all the goodies to promote self-serve drinks, like this one. You can also use a large cooler or bucket of ice for bottled beverages and non-alcoholic options. Make sure cups, a bottle opener, and napkins are all there waiting.
  • Areas like garages, carports, and covered patios will be great when it’s super sunny. They provide much-needed coverage, and if your party is large, additional space.
  • As long as the weather and you are up for it, try pulling a bit of your indoor furniture outside. You can add a comfy chair, put out a blanket with some oversized pillows, or even a daybed if your yard is large enough.
outdoor furniture set
  • Don’t refuse offers of help. And when people ask what to bring, tell them something. Finger foods are easy for those who are less comfortable cooking, but if you’ve got a chef coming let them go all out. You’ll reap the tasty benefits.
  • Buffet-style serving is always easier, and if you keep the food inside it will keep cooler and the bugs won’t be as much of an issue. Plus, it will help to manage the traffic of people getting food and people going to sit down.
  • Don’t forget about music. Whatever mood you’re trying to set, match the music. Keep it soft and chill if you plan on having a lot of conversation so that you can hear each other. Pump it up if you’re looking to create a bit of a dance party.
  • Moving air makes all the difference when you’re hot. Move a fan or two outside. It’ll create a breeze and help to mitigate some of the heat.

outdoor furniture fit pit

  • Fire pits can be super relaxing and enjoyable once the sun goes down and your party is all about relaxing. Create a cozy gathering spot around one with comfy chairs and plenty of places to put your drinks. You can check out our options right here, and there are several furniture sets that would look great by firelight. Check out this cute, little set.
  • Try not to stress. The idea is to have fun. If there is anything that can help manage your stress, like accepting more help or keeping the party small, do it.
  • Our outdoor furniture looks like it could belong inside. This feel will help people to feel comfy and relaxed all night long. Check out our best sellers here.

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