Outdoor Living in Comfort & Style

Simple Tricks to Make Your Outdoor Space Inviting

As we’ve talked about here, going outside is great for your health and wellbeing. However, making your outside space feel exciting, welcoming, and irresistible is how you make going outside easy and something you look forward to. How can you accomplish that? Here are a few tips on how to create an outdoor oasis in your backyard, no matter what size.

Plus, as if that wasn’t incentive enough, having an outdoor space can add value to your home. Over 80% of home buyers said patios and front porches were key features they were looking for according to the “What Buyers Really Want” survey from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

So, why not make the most of your outside living experience?

Comfy Is Key

outdoor furniture daybed setThe good news is that creating a comfy space is simple. Toss in a few pillows, even the oversized ones you can sit on, add a throw or two, and BAM! Comfortable lounging area.

What do people want most when they’re going to be hanging outside for a while? To be comfortable! When there isn’t a comfy place to sit or relax, you’re far less likely to be spending time outside.

  • Make sure your outdoor furniture and cushions are sun-resistant. In Vegas, sunny weather can kill your couches.
  • Outdoor rugs add comfort and protect your feet.
  • Add a sunshade or pergola, even a table with an umbrella is a good idea. Shade is your friend.

A few good pieces that can kick start your outdoor oasis are the Furniture of America Abion Outdoor Sectional Set which is very plush and comfortable, plus sun-resistant, the Furniture of America Outdoor Aria Daybed, which is a loungers dream, and the Thy-Hom Cane Garden Outdoor Furniture Set, which is affordable and provides an umbrella.

Smart Power for a Smart Yard

outdoor furniture rio setBoost your signal with a WiFi antenna and use it to play some tunes for your guests. We all have a hard time putting down our devices and stepping outside. However, there are plenty of smart tools that can help you stay charged outdoors and working on breaking the habit.

  • Get some solar chargers and lights to ensure your evening is lit up and lasting long.
  • Hide some wireless speakers throughout the space to make sure the sound is ever present.

Inside Meet Outside

One of the best ways to make sure you keep going outside is to make it as attractive and cushy as your indoor space. This might eat up a bit more of the budget, but it will pay for itself after a solid week or so of enjoying it.

You can change up your entry to the yard to french doors or upgrade your sliding doors. You can add weatherproof flooring, like tile or decorated concrete. You can even make sure the furniture looks like it belongs inside. The Rio Outdoor Furniture Set by Thy-Hom is a great example.

This outdoor living room furniture looks so inviting and warm that it would make sense in an indoor space. But you can be sure that it was designed to withstand the elements that Vegas weather has in store.

Lovely Lighting

outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can make your house more marketable and appealing, makes it easier to see at night adding safety, and lets you enjoy more time outside. These ideas will really up your outdoor style:

  • When you have trees, architectural details, or other focal points you want to show off you can uplight them.
  • Sconces or pendant lights will make eating and cooking, playing games, and entertaining easier. Plus, they add style.
  • Solar lights down a path or walkway also add safety while creating a whimsical atmosphere.
  • Fairy or string lights along fences and any overhead shade features to up that ethereal vibe even more.

Make It Yours

outdoor yard painted wall

Adding a bit of color, designs, or nicknacks can help to make your outdoor space yours. It’ll showcase your tastes and preferences so that anyone who comes to visit sees that it’s your space, not someone else’s.

  • Paint a fake rug on your cement or stones in your favorite colors.
  • Use found materials to line your pathways, or incorporate some bottles glazed with different colors.
  • Try your hand at a DIY project like making an outdoor chandelier or vertical gardening area.
  • Build a small fire pit or seating area out of cement blocks.
  • Hang crystals from trees or paint your walls in a rainbow of colors.
  • Up the greenery with scattered potted plants that catch the eye.

Create a Space for Fun

outdoor yard plants

Food and fire are our top reasons to go outside. Having a picnic, entertaining, or just enjoying cocktails. When you make a place that serves these purposes well, you’ll be sure to use it.

  • For kids, create a playhouse or area so that they can entertain themselves while you soak up the great outdoors.
  • Install a chalkboard on one of the walls where you and the kids can scribble away.
  • If you have pets, putting in a dog run or catio can increase the value of your home and give them a special place to enjoy all nature has to offer without the worries.

Endure the Elements

outdoor yard pool

You need to protect not only your space but yourself against the Vegas sun and any inclement weather we do get. Try out:

  • Putting up an awning, canopy, or pergola.
  • Install windscreens around your BBQ to keep it burning.
  • Planting some bug-repelling lovelies around the yard to keep the annoyance at bay.
  • Since the sun is such a big issue here, don’t forget to have plenty of options for shade, including areas near a pool if you have one.

Check out some of our top sellers in outdoor furniture here, and don’t forget to apply that sunscreen when enjoying your yard!