Dining Room Buying Guide

The Dining Room has traditionally been the gathering spot for family and friends. With open floor plans gaining popularity, the dining room can easily be a focal point of your home. Considering that this can be such an important room in your home, it is easy to see that purchasing new furniture can feel overwhelming. We hope that this Dining Room Furniture Buying Guide will help you choose new pieces for your home.


Round Tables = Space Saving

While the rectangular dining table is the most popular option, round and oval dining tables are the favorites for homes that are short on space. It is not a coincidence that compact dining spaces feature a beautiful circular dining table, normally accented with pedestal legs. A more intimate setting tends to be created when using a round table. Curves are a great accent in home design, and easily break up all the straight lines.

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Move Often or Like to Rearrange?

Consider plywood that is lightweight, durable and can be flat-packed and assembled as needed at home. Your dining table then can be packed up and moved as necessary. Plus, it works well in a home with a modern flair.

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Color is Cool but Don’t Just Follow Trends

Trends change so quickly, and if you chose a color because of that, you may quickly regret it. Classic colors, such as the primaries (red, yellow and blue), usually have staying power. Red is a very popular color, especially in homes that have a subtle Asian theme, as red is a color traditionally associated with celebration, and this will work even if the home is minimalist and modern. Black tables are very popular but can be tricky, especially if it is a veneer that will show the smallest scratch.

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The Square

A square dining table is probably the least popular option. Large square tables make serving a hassle, so pick one of these if you plan for only a few guests. Square tables look good in long, narrow rooms, as they offer a sense of proper proportion.

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Sizing Up

After making up your mind on both the style and the shape of the table, it is time to move ahead to the size. There are a few simple and standard numbers. The golden rule here is to ensure there is at least 42-48 inches of space between the table and the edge of the adjoining walls or furniture. This will give you adequate space to move around and will ensure that you won’t have to cramp yourself into the chair.


Seating & Lighting

Most often, people tend to think about chairs, lighting and maybe even the area rug after picking a table. Do not jump to any quick decisions. Try out the table along with the chairs you fancy before buying it. Think of it as one big coherent combination, with the table being the centerpiece. You do not want to purchase a chandelier or dining room chairs that you are not really comfortable with.


We hope to have helped make your purchase decision easier. We have tons of Dining Room Furniture for you to choose from. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call at (702)388-7774.