Bedroom Buying Guide

Bedroom sets make it easy to furnish some or all of your bedroom quickly. Purchasing a set will also ensure that all of your pieces match and can make the decorating process easier. There are different options of sets that you can pick from and often you can decide to add additional pieces to make the set your own. There are a few things to take into consideration when purchasing a bedroom set.


Bedroom Size and Layout

Measure your room before start the shopping process. Factor in the pieces that you are planning to purchase and where they will be located. Don’t forget the traffic flow, because you should have enough space to comfortably walk around your furniture. Take into account the number of people that will be using the room. Here are the most common mattress sizes are Twin: 39x75, Twin XL: 54x75, Queen: 60x80, King: 76x80 and California King: 72x84.

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Style and Color

Bedroom furniture materials vary drastically. There are wooden, plastics, or metal. In choosing the materials, try to think of its design and cost. You should also consider its quality and endurance depending on how you would use it. Each material has both positive and negative aspects to them. Color can come into play during this decision, because if you want a specific texture, it may not blend with a pre-determined color.

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Set Choices

There are many sets to choose from. Traditional Sets Tend to be a medium- to dark-toned woods and have a more upscale feel. You will normally find features that include ornate carvings, curved legs, or lacquered finishes. With Contemporary Sets you will find clean lines, glass and bold solid colors Modern Sets showcase the organic nature of the materials focusing on the grain and shapes.Cottage Or Country Sets are fulll of rustic features such as distressed paint or wood, light-colored finishes, sometimes you will even find hand painted details.

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Want Some Features?

Some bedroom sets have great features that you may not even have considered as an option. There are beds with speakers or lights on the headboards. USB ports are hidden in nightstands or dressers. Velvet lined drawers for all your valuables. If these are some things that you would like to have, make sure to pay attention to the features.

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Mix & Match

You really do not have to buy a set of bedroom furniture that has the same colors and style. You can try mixing and matching furniture to get an eclectic look. This can also give you more creative freedom in arranging furniture and decorating your bedroom.

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We hope to have helped make your purchase decision easier. We have tons of Dining Room Furniture for you to choose from. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to give us a call at (888)996-8863.