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The ReST Bed™ King (Open Box Special)

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Original price $5,599.00
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Current price $3,999.00
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The ReST Bed™

The ReST Smart Bed is the ultimate in personalized comfort.

Senses pressure. Automatically responds. Customizable support for five individual body zones.

    • Smart sensor technology delivers real-time unique body pressure map to the ReST app
    • Ergonomically designed 5 body zone customization
    • Automatic real-time response
    • Independent control on each side of the bed
    • Limitless firmness configurations
    • Split top available (King or Queen) for ultimate adaptability with an adjustable base
    • 4” cooling gel-infused memory foam top for added comfort
  • No compromise with five different comfort zones
  • Total customization with three modes of operation
  • Automatically adjusts to meet your needs
  • 10 year full warranty on all parts and components

What’s in the ReST Bed™?

Modular design and interchangeable components make this a bed for life.


Performance cooling fabric similar to athletic clothing material tops the mattress, in a full removable and machine-washable cover to ensure a temperate and refreshed sleep.


Scientifically designed anti-microbial knit blend fabric form ~1000 data point grid per side of the bed. The undetectable, flexible sensor delivers your unique pressure data to the pump and connected app.


4-inch cooling gel-infused memory foam provides a pressure-relieving comfortably surface, that allows you to feel the bed adjusting beneath you while the gel-infusion molecules transport heat away from the body.


Five individual medical-grade polyurethane air chambers. This highly resilient material and RF welded seams prevent any slow air leaks.


Our cloud based app can be downloaded on the Google Play and Apple App stores for use with your iOS or Android personal device.

How it works:


The Pump

The pump is the result of years of testing and development in a medical grade environment.
It features custom boards and processing chips, a state-of-the-art manifold/solenoid system and multiple mini-pumps all while running our custom firmware package, proudly designed and developed by ReST.

  • Once powered, the pump generates its own Wi-Fi signal, allowing any wireless Android or iOS device to connect to and control the bed via the ReST Bed application.

  • The ReST sensor continuously collects data across the entire sleeping surface and sends it to the pump.
    It’s then processed in real-time, resulting in AI-powered automatic adjustments that makes ReST Bed™ the smartest bed on the planet.

  • All of this is done while remaining whisper quiet.

The Sensor

The proprietary, patented sensor features three layers of fabric uniquely designed to capture a pressure across the entire sleeping surface, in real time.

The two outer layers of this anti-microbial knit blend features Silver (Ag), which has been molecularly bonded to the cloth in a line pattern.
These lines run in opposite directions on each layer, creating a series of rows and columns, or a pressure grid. This grid is critical for the smart bed to know the precise placement of pressure in relation to the bed’s surface area.

  • Reads 2,000 pressure points on each side of the mattress
  • Soft, elastic, breathable and undetectable to the sleeper
  • Used in medical and industrial products world-wide
  • The only commercialized smart fabric sensor (stretchable, flexible, breathable, mass-produced)
  • In between these two outer layers is the semi-conductor layer. This fabric layer is treated with a unique chemical formula, or “secret sauce”, which allows the layer to perform the actual “sensing”.
    A dedicated team of chemists work around the clock to monitor and improve this formula and it’s sensing capabilities with regard to sensitivity and accuracy.
    The combination of all three layers creates the heartbeat that allows the ReST Bed to make automatic adjustments.

The ReST Bed App

The ReST Bed™ application has been proudly designed and developed internally, by ReST.
The app communicates to the ReST Bed’s pumps via a closed Wi-Fi signal. It can be connected through a home router network, or a simple direct connection.
The ReST Bed app also allows users the benefit of soon to come features and compatibility.

Automatically senses & adjusts to your body.

Manual, automatic, or position - make the ReST Bed™ the ultimate choice for individualized comfort. These modes can be controlled through the app.


Maximum customization. Adjust 5 body zones independently for ultimate pressure relief custom fit to your unique needs.


Customization & automatic response. Memory lock settings for your 5 body zones in two different sleeping positions – back or side, and as you change position naturally during the night, the bed adjusts for you.


Ultimate automatic response. Choose a general comfort setting from soft to firm, and let the smart bed work its magic – adjusting each individual zone automatically and in real-time throughout the night based on your unique pressure distribution.

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Integrated Technology

The Malouf Structures M555, S755 and E455 Adjustable bases can be operated through are The ReST Bed™ application. Now there is no need for a seperate remote to contorl both the ReST Bed and Adjustable base.

Available in three trim levels The Malouf Structure adjustable bases feature Zero Clearance, Built in USB charging, Massage, Head-Tilt and lumbar Support.

BedPlanet ReST Bed Overview

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