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Go to the Movies Without Ever Leaving Home!

Stay In, Stay Comfy, Stay Entertained

With so much time being spent indoors to stay safe, making the most of that time and ensuring it’s fun and doesn’t get stale is a big deal. As the mom of a toddler, I can most certainly confirm that boredom is the worst.

Thankfully, we have a plethora of comfy, cozy furniture options that can help you to host a Family Movie Night that the kids actually look forward to.

Sofas & Sectionals For Movie-Theater Comfort at Home

Pick out a movie, make the popcorn and get the snacks, and then settle down into a comfy couch that transforms your living room into a movie theater fit for the whole family. 

When you’re looking for something new, something that can help take these Stay-At-Home Saturdays that much better, these sectionals and sofas have got you covered.

We have several reclining options that can help you to enjoy a movie in style like the Coaster Sir Rawlinson Traditional Reclining Sofa with Nailhead Studs in a chic leather or microfiber or the Universal Vegas Motion Living Room Collection in a breathable leather gel with middle cupholders. These options also both have matching recliners and love seats.

The Furniture of America Wales Sectional is another fantastic option that provides storage cupholders and reclining seats. An amazing selection when you want to be super comfortable for a long movie and barely need to get up, avoiding interruptions.

There are also several customization options available through Fairmont that can provide you with a completely tailored living room set that meets all your needs and desires. These offer the chance to create a wholly unique configuration you design yourself.

We even have options available from Coaster that are designed entirely with a Home Theater in mind. The Coaster Sawyer Motion Glider Motion Console Loveseat is a great choice that offers cupholders, reclining seats, and is available as a two-seat or three-seat sofa. It even has charging ports.

If you really want to kick it up a notch, check out the Luraco iRobotics Sofy Massage Chair. These chairs are designed for Home Theater use and provide cupholders and incredible massage for some wonderful relaxation during your movie marathon. These can be a fantastic choice if you’re looking to create your own theater at home and want to pull out all the stops.

Essentials for All Your Stuff

And don’t forget about a place to put your snacks and, let’s be honest, rest your feet when you’re watching your favorite flick- a coffee table. If you’ve got a comfy reclining sofa your feet are taken care of but you still need a place to set things down, and we’ve got you covered.

Check out the Coaster 72113 Lift Top Rectangular Coffee Table with lots of internal storage and a sleek, contemporary look that’ll fit in any living room or the Coaster Contemporary Square Faux Leather Storage Ottoman that opens up to hold a ton of stuff and provide a comfortable place to rest your feet. In fact, there are several Coaster Furniture and Sofa sets that come with ottoman options that offer storage and an added level of comfort. Fairmont also offers several custom options that come with storage ottomans.

Frame Your TV

With all this beautiful newness in your living room, you’ll want a nice place to store and show off your TV. This way when you’re enjoying a movie you’ll be thrilled with how your television is displayed in your cozy, classy space.

Some great entertainment center options are the McFerran E9100 Wall Unit Entertainment Center if you’re looking for something big and showstopping that’ll be a focal point for your room or the Coaster 4-Drawer Two-Tone TV Stand with 2 Shelves if you’re looking for something low-slung and modern.

There are even some great rustic options like the Coaster Reclaimed Wood TV Stand or the Coaster Knox Industrial Live Edge TV Stand that offers a beautifully unique wood-grain and metal accents for an industrial-style look that speaks volumes. 

Create Your Cozy Space!

When you’re stuck indoors and want to liven up your living room to make movie nights and even your everyday activities a bit more comfortable, we have the options to help you create a room that captures your tastes and personality.

If you have any questions about these pieces, other options, or what else we can do to help you create the living room you want, don’t hesitate to call or reach out through email at We’d love to help you purchase everything you need to craft your dream space whatever that might be.