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Lift Chairs and Recliners

Mobility & Comfort At An Affordable Price

It's not uncommon for someone older, someone dealing with an injury, or even those with a chronic condition to have difficulty getting up out of a chair or couch. This is unfortunate, but you don't have to live with it on a daily basis or feel embarrassed about it. Lift chairs are a fantastic way to accommodate your mobility issues and are known throughout the industry as a great way to deal with these concerns. And here at LasVegasFurnitureOnline.Com, we offer a large selection of affordable mobility-enhancing lift chairs designed to help you with these issues every day.

How exactly can these chairs assist you? Let’s discuss those now.

Technology That Helps

Adjust your new chair through nearly endless positions seamlessly thanks to the handheld remote. From sitting to reclining and zero gravity, you can find a comfortable position for whatever you're doing. Then, the assistive technology lifts the chair up and forward to help you get up.

Safer Postural Hypotension

Around 10 to 30% of older adults deal with postural hypotension, a condition that causes a sudden decrease in blood pressure. Several seniors with this condition worry about falling over because of an unexpected dip in blood pressure, especially when standing up. With a lift chair, you can get up slowly, allowing your blood pressure the time needed to stabilize. This lessens the chance of falls when getting up and fall-related fractures. If you have any medical conditions you need to be met, there is frequently a way to program the chair to assist you.

Lessening Swelling

Keeping the body healthy as you grow older is a bit more work for a number of organs from your kidneys to your heart. This increase in “work” can cause edema or swelling in the extremities, namely the arms and legs. Not only does this edema make it more challenging to move but it also increases your risk of ulcers and causes itching. This can make it very difficult to sleep. With a lift chair, you can raise your legs to encourage fluid to move back to your heart, reducing swelling thereby making life more comfortable. These chairs create a much more healthy way to sit when you’re relaxing and make movement more comfortable when you need to get going.

No More Pressure Sores

Over 2.5 million individuals get pressure sores in the US each year (according to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality). Each of these, no matter how small, elevates the risk of infection. A simple method to prevent pressure sores is through regular movement. But when you struggle with mobility or have an injury, that can be a lot more challenging than normal. Lift chairs allow you to change your position often during the day and use the lift position to rise from the chair so that your blood can continue with good circulation. In spots where bones push against the skin- heels and lower back- pressure sores are more common, so moving these areas throughout your day to even out the pressure also allows your skin to stay healthy.


Lack of mobility and the accompanying lack of independence can cause several older individuals to deal with several mental health issues. Anxiety, depression, and an increased risk of chronic illness are all associated with this lack of independence. A lift chair can help you take back some of this lacking independence because it helps you to get up out of your chair in addition to helping you shift through several positions that can assist to prevent health concerns more easily and allow you to nap and get up at your leisure.

You're Less Likely to Hurt Yourself

A lift chair is designed to steadily rise and because of this not only is it easier for you to get up, but it is also easier for those helping you if you have them Plus, it lessens the effect of muscle spasms, which means you’ll be less likely to hurt yourself. If you have osteoporosis or have had a joint replacement, using a lift chair can allow you to enjoy more time free of the worry of fractures or injuries.

Nap Safe & Sound

Enjoy a safe nap by using the lift chair's zero gravity position. This position cradles your spine and allows for correct alignment as it improves your circulation. This increased circulation is wonderful for general health and thanks to the strong sides of most chairs, you can rest easy knowing you won’t fall out if you roll over.

Better Relaxation

The zero-gravity position also helps you to breathe deeper, helping your lungs to open fully so that you can take larger breaths. This deep breathing can help to reduce stress levels while asleep or resting and during relaxation techniques.

Goodbye Muscle Pain!

Muscle pain can affect every aspect of your life. If this is a strong concern of yours, you can find some relief in a lift chair that offers massage settings and zero-gravity seating. Plus, chairs with a heat function can increase circulation, which can also be used to reduce pain.

Find Your Perfect Lift Chair

We a plethora of brands that have several options that can suit your needs. Whether you need a better night’s sleep or you want comfortable seating with built-in assistance, using a lift chair comes with several benefits. You're sure to find the perfect chair for your needs right here at LasVegasFurnitureOnline.Com. 

Don't see a chair you're looking for or need help with a question? No worries. We're here to help and you can give us a call or reach out through email or our LiveChat with any questions or concerns you might have.

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