The NEW Dreamwave

The latest in high-end massage chairs- The Dreamwave is here!

Debuting at this year’s CES, the Dreamwave M.8 LE is massage redefined. The chair is only available for preorder at this time, but we got the chance to admire them at the Consumer Electronics Show and learned the wonderful details about this gorgeous new chair.

We sat down with Cliff Levin, Dreamwave’s founder and CEO, to learn more about the new massage chair. Here’s what we learned.

Why the doors?

“We worked with a man named Ken Okuyama out of Japan. […] He does cars, so doors were a very natural place for his mind to go. We like doors because for people who’ve thrown out their backs, or for older consumers [...], or for people who are infirmed for any other reason, the doors make it incredibly easy to get in and out of the chair. [...] You get a little perch, you can sit and take your shoes off, and then you can swing your legs over very easily. If you’re familiar with massage chairs [...] knows that sometimes it’s difficult to actually climb over the leg rest to get yourself properly situated in the chair. So, if you have limited mobility, the doors are incredibly useful.”

dreamwave massage chair ces 2019 consumer electronics show award winner

What is the Max Track? What’s the Difference Between the J Track and the Others?

“The Max Track for us is the combination of the actual steel rails that the mechanism travels on and the mechanism itself, which we call the Delta Wave mechanism. The mechanism is driven obviously by software. It’s got mechanically driven aspects to it and it also has pneumatically driven aspects to it. That mechanism able to travel in a track that is shaped kind of like a J combined with the way the chair reclines mean we have a massage chair that really, truly can work you from tip to toe.”

“It gets the back of your neck, and it can really get deeply into your neck if you want it to, and it’ll go all the way under your hamstrings, maintaining full contact with your body the entire time. And that whole ability can be described as Max Track.”

dreamwave m8 le limited edition massage chair ces 2019 close up details

“So the way our Max Track differs from other track shapes [...] number one is with an S Track you actually have much more limited body coverage. S Tracks are limited just to the back portion of the chair. Much the industry has evolved into something called an L Track. The L Track is a fixed track shape that also fixed to a particular back and seat angle configuration. [...] Basically, the back and seat of an L Track chair have to move in perfect unison. In fact, they’re welded together. They can’t move separately. That’s an L Track. L Tracks actually are very good chairs. They get into nice and comfortable Zero Gravity positions and work quite a bit of the body.

Then, we step and take a leap into Max Track. As I said, [...] you can’t divorce the shape of the track from the way the mechanism operates in order to understand how Max Track is different. Max Track is shaped like a C or a J and because the mechanism has so much freedom of movement on those rails that it travels on it’s able to stay in close contact with your body throughout the length of its track.

What that means is in our new Dreamwave M Series chairs, you can actually be in a classical Zero Gravity position, but you can also be in a lay-flat position. Both of those positions are possible with our Max Track design. It’s unique in the industry.”

What Sets Each Version of the M Series Chairs Apart?

dreamwave m series massage chairs doors side view front view

“There are different versions of the M Series of massage chairs from Dreamwave. … We’ll start high to low. There’s the M.8 LE model, the LE stands for limited edition. That model is all leather on the outside and material called Alcantara on the inside, which is a synthetic material you’ll find in super, super high-end sports cars. That’ s the M.8 LE, and it’s available in four colors. It also has a rose gold trim on it.

Then there’s the M.8. The M.8 functionally is exactly the same as the M.8 LE, but it has a synthetic covering on the outside, PU, … and PU on the inside. And then there’s the M.DX. And DX stands for Deluxe. It has one less feature than the M8s do. It doesn’t have a neck massage feature that’s available in those chairs, and it’s also available in fewer colors than the M.8. … Fifteen thousand for the Limited Edition. We will only ever build 2,000 of those in the world, and then we’ll stop.

They will come with a signed certificate from Ken Okuyama[, saying] Massage Perfection Meets Work of Art.”

dreamwave m8 le massage chair limited edition close up details

Truly the M Series of chairs are one-of-a-kind and will provide incredible massage experiences for anyone who chooses to purchase one. Look for them out now!

The Dreamwave M Series. Massage Redined.


Originally published on Massage Chair Planet.