Las Vegas Summer Market 2019

Our Trip to the Summer Market was a Success

This past week was an incredible whirlwind and LasVegasFurnitureOnline.Com saw a fantastic array of new products showcased at the World Market Center.

As a retailer, we’re always looking to keep our product lines fresh, and that’s especially true right now. So, we went to the Market with the goal of finding a few products to add to the site so that we could revamp our categories and selection, giving you our customers more options and a better selection. 

We came out with way more than a few!

Trends in Adjustables

One of the big things we’re always looking for is what is the latest technology being introduced in mattresses and adjustable bases. We saw so much, but one of the themes that was represented the most was the tilt feature in adjustable bases. 

So many people side on their sides or stomachs. In fact, the majority of people are side sleepers. While adjustable bases do make laying on your back more comfortable, many of us can’t get over the urge to roll onto our sides. This is where the tilt feature comes into play.

ergo pedic zenith tilt adjustable base

This feature allows you to raise the entire bed to an angle. By doing this, you avoid crunching in the middle and make laying elevated while on your side or stomach possible. Glideaway has showcased the Elevate for a long while, but now companies like Leggett & Platt, Reverie, and even smaller vendors like a favorite from Market, Ergo Pedic, are seeing the value in creating tilting adjustable bases.

ergo pedic zenith tilt adjustable base

Another big trend is making sure those bases are platform compatible. Many of us are verging away from traditional bed frames into platforms and more so platforms with storage. These make it a bit difficult when you want a traditional adjustable. However, with platform-friendly bases, you can set your adjustable right on top and be good to go.

New Vendors

A company that LasVegasFurnitureOnline.Com is going to carry soon also wowed us at Market. They are Malouf. A long-standing brand with many a fan, Malouf started in sheets and has grown exponentially from there.

malouf sleep products
malouf lavendar infused dough pillow

We’re going to be carrying the full range of products from them including incredible “dough” pillows that feel fantastic and come in a variety of tailored lines.

There are cooling, carbon pillows, aromatherapy pillows, and special pillows designed for side sleepers with a shoulder cut out.

malouf z pillows gel cool shoulder cutout

Needless to say between those and the tilting frames, this side sleeper was in heaven.

Additionally, another trend that we saw at Market were weighted blankets, and Malouf is hitting the market with these as well.

In fact, their line of weighted blankets have been out for just two weeks and they’re already selling like hotcakes. 

I tried one myself and absolutely adored it.

malouf anchor weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are designed to help with symptoms of anxiety, stress, PTSD, autism, and more. When using one it lowers your cortisol levels, the stress hormone, and increases your serotonin and oxytocin levels, feel-good hormones.

They come in two weights right now, the 15 and 20, and Malouf made sure to stitch the interior with care to ensure that the weight stays even through the entire blanket when being used.

Kids Furniture

We also looked at several wonderful children’s furniture brands, and there was some great stuff. Among our favorites were Donco Kids, which had really impressive kids’ bed systems that looked like houses, Night And Day Furniture, which had every type of bunk and trundle bed imaginable, including clever options that offered storage in the stair sections, and a line that we’ve carried before that has increased their offerings, Acme.

acme furniture youth bedroom kids bed house white

We’ve worked with Acme Furniture before and after our trip to the market, we’re very excited about the new options available in the kids’ section and within their Glam lineup. 

It was a great trip (even if our feet are killing us), and we look forward to updating our collections and getting our customers the latest options in a variety of styles including traditional, rustic, and even super modern.

Keep an eye out for all the new products we’ll be featuring and sign up for our newsletter to ensure you don’t miss out on the upcoming product launches. It looks like here at LasVegasFurnitureOnline.Com 2019 will be closing out with a bang!