Hybrid Pieces Make Small Spaces Sing

When Space Is Limited Or You Need Storage, Hybrid Furniture Is A Life-Saver

Whether you’re living in an apartment, a smaller home, or you just really need more storage because your house currently lacks the appropriate space, hybrid furniture that pulls double duty is a fantastic addition to any home. 

Here, we’ll go through some options that will add storage while still providing a stylish piece of furniture for your bedroom, living room, or any place extra space is needed.

For Your Living Room

Popup Coffee Tables- If you’ll be entertaining guests or if you want to have a meal on the couch, a popup coffee table will really make it more comfortable. Most coffee tables like this feature a top that lifts up on hinges so that whatever is on the surface is closer to the person on the couch. This can prevent spills and can even be great if you’re reading or playing a board game. 

coaster glossy lift top coffee table

Plus, these tables aren’t just great for a casual meal. They’ll also bring your laptop or tablet up to you to make it easier to work or type from the couch as well. Great for working at home.

For a very clean look, try out the Modern Glossy Lift Top Coffee Table from Coaster. This option also has internal storage for remotes, magazines, and whatever else you need to store in your living room right by your couch.

Storage Benches- These benches can be used for seating when you’ve got people over, and they’re also fantastic for stowing items like your games, blankets, pillows, etc. You can put them at the foot of your couch as an ottoman, at the wall or behind the couch, and so much more.

Coaster Ottoman Tufted Storage Bench

A great option for this is the Coaster Ottoman Tufted Storage Bench. It’s available in taupe, mocha, and dark navy fabric as well as dark brown leatherette here

Dual-Purpose Occasional Tables- Occasional tables and coffee tables can be interchanged really nicely and both provide different options when it comes to storage. 

When you’re thinking about using the table for entertaining, you might want to try out something like the Furniture of America Crystal Cove Occasional Table Set. It takes up very little space but provides a quick change to a table and stools when you’re entertaining. Perfect for cocktails and games.

Sofa Beds- These are a classic furniture item for several homes, but the classic versions of the past are no more. Now you’ll get beautiful looking furniture that also doubles as a sleeping surface. There are several styles available too.

coaster skyler modern sofa bed

If you’re looking for a modern finish, check out the Coaster Skyler Modern Sofa Bed with Button Tufting or the Coaster Cheyenne Modern Sofa Bed. These provide a very modern appeal while style folding open to provide a sleeping space. 

If you’ll be using this in a guest room or office, you might want something a bit smaller like the Coaster Sofa Bed. This futon sofa bed comes in a cool grey and is perfect for overnight guests. There’s also the Coaster Faux Leather Convertible Sofa Bed with Removable Armrests that provides that slick leather look that suits a modern room.

There’s also a more traditional looking option available in the Coaster Grey Sofa Bed with Diamond Tufting. A beautiful choice, this one offers dark grey woven fabric, tufted seating and arms, kiln-dried hardwood frame, sinuous spring decking with high-density foam, and solid hardwood legs. 

For Your Bedroom

Storage Mirrors- The Coaster Jewelry Cheval Mirror with Interior Storage is a great option for the bedroom when you need to store your jewelry but don’t have dresser space to spare. The internal storage box is four inches deep and it’s available in several colors including a striking teal and various wood finishes.

coaster jewelry cheval mirror

Whether you have a lot to store in your bedroom or you have limited space, these options can be great solutions that still remain attractive. There’s also a plethora of storage beds that can take the place of a dresser when you have limited floor space or you don’t want to use a traditional dresser. A great option is the Artesia California King Platform Bed with Storage Footboard from Coaster. The Briana King Contemporary Storage Bed with Bookshelf is a really powerful option when you want a lot of storage and a special spot for your books for nighttime reading.

For Any Room

Hardworking Ottomans- Ottomans aren’t just for resting your feet anymore. You can use them as dual seating and a table surface, storage, and they look good in several rooms. When it’s replacing your coffee table, working in tandem with it, or adding a central focus to a sitting area in your bedroom, storage ottomans are amazing.

The Coaster Olson Rectangular Storage Ottoman could definitely work as either a coffee table and footrest or be placed at the end of a couch to elongate it where you still use a coffee table.

coaster Contemporary Faux Leather Storage Ottoman with Reversible Trays

If you really want to kick the traditional coffee table and lean into the ottoman feel, both the Coaster Contemporary Faux Leather Storage Ottoman with Reversible Trays and the Homelegance Kaitlyn Cocktail Ottoman fill that void perfectly. They have a wonderfully clean look thanks to the leatherette and offer trays for drinks. The Kaitlyn ottoman is also available in microfiber.

Bookcases and Cabinets- Bookcases are always a good addition to any room which can provide space for decorative pieces but also use storage bins to offer needed homes for smaller items. Additionally, getting a console table with storage or putting a low cabinet at the back of your couch can add storage. 

coaster swivel cabinet

One of our favorites is the Coaster Swivel Cabinet with Storage Shelves, Cork Board, and Mirror. With so much in such a small piece, this item packs a serious punch when it comes to doing several jobs at once. It works well in a living room near the kitchen, a bedroom, or even an office.

When you’re looking at console tables the Coaster Two Drawer Sofa Table with Shelf offers storage and has a lower section when you can place taller items such as large books, decor, etc. 


When you’re looking for Double Duty Furniture this is the place to find it. Keep an eye out at the Coaster, Furniture of America, and Universal Collections to see the newest offerings in storage furniture.