UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair
UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair

UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair

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UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair Recliner

  • Key Features

  • Ideal Height & Weight

Experience the ultimate in personalized comfort with this luxurious recliner by UltraComfort.
The overstuffed bucket back, supportive bucket seat and plush chaise pad offer hours of unmatched comfort while our 5-Zone Comfort Zone positioning system provides the most individualized and unique recline experience in the industry. Adjustable headrest and lumbar, patented Stellar and Eclipse technologies with lift capability and AutoDrive hand control all come standard making this the ultimate recline experience.


Comfort Zones 1 - 5 - This positioning system includes all five adjustable comfort zones to create the ultimate wellness comfort experience with our patented Eclipse Technology. Each Comfort Zone can be adjusted independently by using the exclusive AutoDrive hand control.

  • Zone 1 Lower Body

    The patented fourway motion of the seat helps provide relief to muscle and joint pain by placing your lower body in a supported ergonomic position.

    Zone 2 Upper Body

    The independent movement of the backrest, combined with the four-way motion seat box in Zone 1, creates our patented positioning that allows stress and strain to be released from your upper body by offering adjustable support for your back and shoulders.

  • Zone 3 Headrest

    The upward motion of the adjustable headrest allows for tension to be released from your neck and shoulders by supporting your head placement, while encouraging the natural shape of your spine.

    Zone 4 Lumbar

    The custom and firm support of the adjustable lumbar can take pressure off your spine while giving your back muscles the chance to rest and rejuvenate.

Zone 5 Patented Eclipse Technology

The tilting motion of the patented Eclipse Technology provides a feeling of weightlessness and offers positioning options not available with other recliners. Encourage circulation by relaxing with your legs elevated or promote the release of muscle tension and joint pain in a neutral position.


Express Program Fabric options for this chair are In Stock and are available at the time of order.
Custom Cut, High Performance and UltraPlus Brisa Fabrics require an addition fee.

See Fabric Options tab,for aditional fabrics available.










Power Lift Mechanism

Simply hold the lift button down and the seat will raise up so you can easily get in and out of the chair without putting any un-due stress on your joints. The entire motion is smooth and motorized and is backed up by a backup battery feature.

Back Up Battery Feature

There is a backup battery feature that will raise the chair up from the reclined position should the power go out. Two 9V batteries provide enough power to raise the chair up so you can get up. It is recommended that you change the batteries after this happens to ensure it has enough power should it need to be used again.

PATENTED Eclipse Technology

The patented Eclipse Technology includes an extra motor that provides a tilting motion, cradling your body and offering more positioning than any other recliner on the market.

PATENTED Stellar Positioning

Unique Patented Positioning Provides Maximum Body Support

  • Unlimited Positions Provide the Most Comfort Options
  • Upward Movement of the Seat Supports a Natural Bend in the Knee
  • Movement of the Seat Eliminates the Gap Between the Seat and Back

Adjustable Lumbar

Mechanical Lumbar Support lets you fine-tune your position with the touch of a button for relief from back pain and discomfort.

Articulating Headrest

Headrest support that can be adjusted independantly for relief from neck and shoulder pain.

PATENTED SmartTek® Diagnostic System

Smart Tek® is a patented technology standard on all UltraComfort™ lift recliners. Smart Tek® uses three LED lights to signal when the chair is not functioning.

Patented Auto Drive Hand Control

Takes you through the motions of a StellarComfort chair as you glide into your comfort zone. When you are finished relaxing, the “Lift” button will place you in the ideal position to get out of your recliner without unneeded stress on your joints.

  • Operates the basic moment of the chair
  • Programmable positioning buttons for individualized comfort.
  • Activates Eclipse technology, an adjustable tilting moment that provides a weightless experience.
  • Fine tunes any position by moving the backrest and footrest independently.

Optional Features

  • Arm and Headrest Covers

    Add extra protection to high contact areas.

  • UltraPlush Brisa Fabric

    Plush and durable fabric with climate control technology.

Special Order Fabric Options

Express Program Fabric options for this chair are In Stock and are available at the time of order. All other fabrics are considered special order and will require additional time for shipping. Custom Cut, High Performance and UltraPlush Brisa fabrics require an additional fee.

All special order fabrics may add an additional 8-10 weeks for delivery.

To order your chair in one of the Special Order fabric choices below, please give us a call today: 702-602-2193

UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair


UltraPlush Brisa

100% Polycarbonate Polyurethane Surface | Abrasion Test – 300,000 Double Rubs | Limited Lifetime Performance Warranty | Cleaning Code – S

This fabric takes high performance to a new level. With it's extremely soft surface layer, and total breathability, UltraPlush offers a luxurious feel that surpasses leather for hand, care, and abrasion resistance.

  • Cover is 100% temparature stable for a comfortable sit all day long.
  • Can be cleaned using a 5:1 water to bleach solution when needed.
  • Carries a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Bridle

  • Buckskin

  • Coffee Bean

  • Dist. Saddle

  • Night Navy

  • Black Onyx

  • Shitake

  • Beet Root

  • Cream

  • Iron

Torres Alta High Performance Fabric

100% Polyester| Abrasion Test – 74,000 Double Rubs | Limited 10 Year Performance Warranty | Cleaning Code – WS

High performance fabric that offer sthe follwing:

  • A breathable moisture barrier to protect fabric and foam
  • Permanent spill and stain resistance built into the fiber of the fabric
  • Anti Microbial Protection that controls odors, mold, stains and mildew.
  • Carbon TCA

  • Limestone TLI

  • Shale TSH

UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair

AVAILABLE CUSTOM CUT FABRICS -requires additional fee


100% Polyester | Abrasion Test – 30,000 Double Rubs | Cleaning Code – W

  • Antler IAN

  • Barn IBA

  • Lakefront ILA

  • Elk IEL

Easy Living

100% Polyester | Abrasion Test – 30,000 Double Rubs | Cleaning Code – W

  • Anchor EAC

  • Antique EAN

  • Bittersweet EBS

  • Sandstorm ESS

  • Oxford EOX


92% Polyester, 8% Nylon | Abrasion Test – 100,000 Double Rubs | Cleaning Code – W

  • Rustic MRU

  • Cornstalk MCO

  • Orchard MOR


65% Resin, 35% Backing Fabric| Cleaning Code – W

  • Chestnut ACH

UltraComfort Artemis UC562 Power Lift Chair



100% Polyester | Abrasion Test – 74,000 Double Rubs | Cleaning Code – W

  • Granite AGR

  • Wicker AWI

  • Teak ATK

  • Twilight ATW


100% Polyester| Abrasion Test – 50,000 Double Rubs | Cleaning Code – W

  • Almond

  • Coffee House

  • Thunder

  • Tuscan


95% Polyester, 5% PU | Abrasion Test – 30,000 Double Rubs | Cleaning Code – W

  • Smoke JSM

  • Bourbon JBO

UltraComfort FREE Manufacturer’s Warranty

FREE Manufacturer’s Warranty

  • Lifetime Warranty on:
    • Lift Frame
    • Wood Chair Frame
    • Recline Bar
    • Scissor Mechanism
  • One Year Warranty on:
    • Fabric
    • Foam/Pocketed Coils
    • Padding
    • Labor
Seven Year Warranty (3 Yr 100% 4-7 Yr Pro Rated)
  • Electrical Components

Year 4 earns a 35% discount off suggested retail price. Year 5 earns a 25% discount. Year 6 earns a 15% discount and year 7 a 5% discount

Terms Applicable To Warranties

Ultra Comfort will, at its option, repair and/or replace the defective parts and/or components provided that the warranty parts have not been subjected to misuse, abuse or improper service by the consumer; have not been damaged in transit or handling, and/or have not been altered or repaired by unauthorized representatives. This warranty does not include costs for unnecessary service calls, i.e., service calls solely for the purpose of educating the consumer about the product, or finding an unsatisfactory power connection, etc. Exceeding the weight capacity of the chair (published in each owner’s manual) will void all warranties

Ultra Comfort will pay standard shipping rates on all warranted parts for the first year. The consumer will be responsible to pay cost for transportation, handling and packaging of the parts or components beyond the first year. Ultra Comfort shall not be responsible or obligated to pay for any costs or expenses for examination/inspection of any Warranted parts. Travel expenses are not covered under the warranty. All repairs and labor rates must be approved by Ultra Comfort before service is provided. Any repairs by unapproved or unauthorized representatives will void all warranties.

LasVegasFurnitureOnline.com Staff Approved

Optional Guardian 5-Year Extended Warranty

LasVegasFurnitureOnline.com offers an optional 5-year extended warranty package that covers parts and labor for a full 5 years with included in-home service. Go above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty to protect your investment. This is easily the best value when it comes to your warranty options.


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