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Osaki OS-PRO Honor Massage Chair

by Osaki
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Color: Brown

Osaki OS-PRO Honor Massage Chair

  • 3D Massage
  • Backrest Scanning System
  • L-Track
  • Zero Gravity
  • Space-Saving
  • Full Body Air Massage
  • Lumbar Heating
  • Foot Roller Massage
  • Extendable Leg
  • 6 Auto Massage Programs
  • 6 Massage Styles
  • Easy Remote Control

The Osaki OS-PRO Honor massage chair offers an L-Track rolling system which was designed with Japanese massage style mechanisms. The Honor has a simple but attractive design with sleek lines and an array of settings and capabilities. A unique feature to the Honor is the 3D+/3D- function, which the user can use to personalize the chair’s dimensional effect, making the 3D massage techniques suit their needs during each massage.

Osaki OS-PRO Honor Massage Chair Features

3D+/3D- Massage Rollers

This specialized feature is unique to the Honor and allows you to customize how in-depth the 3D massage operates during each massage. 3D technology allows you to control how far the rollers extend out from the backrest, moving them forward or backward. This chair allows you to increase the effect or decrease the effect for three different levels of adjustment that suit various massage strength requirements.


Backrest Scanning System

The Osaki OS-Honor’s rollers can map the user’s back curvature with advanced accuracy, which translates into a more precise massage for all the key areas of your back. Regardless of your body type, this highly advanced chair can self-adjust, making each massage experience unique and tailored.


L-Track Massage

The OS-PRO Honor has an L-Track roller system massages that can reach from the neck area down through to the lower back and on to the glutes and upper hamstrings.


Zero Gravity Mode

Inspired by NASA technology, zero gravity is the optimal position for relaxation and spine decompression. Additionally, when you enjoy a massage in this position it heightens its effects. In this position when the knees are brought above the chest, you’ll experience improved blood flow and tension relief



Osaki's design team has engineered this chair with space-saving technology, which allows it to fully recline with only 4.5 inches behind it.


Full Body Air Massages

There are 14 airbags located throughout the massage chair in the shoulders, arms, lower back, feet, and calf area, which provide a compression massage that helps to increased blood circulation throughout the body to relieve pain and tension.



The Osaki Honor has heating pads located in the lumbar area, which provide a great compliment to the roller and airbag massage. Heat is known to increase blood circulation and loosen tense muscles.


Foot Roller Massage

The Osaki OS-PRO 3D Honor has two spinning reflexology massage rollers at the bottom of the feet that provide a soothing kneading style massage, stimulating acupuncture points. As the airbags inflate it generates a much deeper massage along the bottoms of your feet. It also offers an ankle grip function that holds your feet in place.


Arm Massage

Airbags provide a compression massage to your hands and forearms complementing the roller massage.


Extendable Footrest

The Osaki OS-PRO 3D Honor has an extendable footrest which can be lengthened up to 4.5 inches accommodate various heights.


Six Auto Massage Programs

The Osaki Honor has six unique pre-programmed massage functions, each offering different combination of massage styles and focused area. They include: Neck / Shoulder, Strengthen, Relax, Thai, Recover, and Sleeping.


Easy Remote Control

The Osaki Honor remote has an easy-view screen displaying any active function. On the remote, you can select the massage type, intensity, speed, and location. You can also operate the functions independently in the Manual Mode. You can customize a massage by pressing the Spot or Partial Back Massage buttons, which allow you to select a spot massage for any specific area of the back.


Six Massage Styles

You can choose from six massage techniques, which include: Kneading, Tapping, Swedish, Shiatsu, Clapping, and Rolling.


Additional Features

Who is the Osaki OS-PRO Honor massage chair for?

The Osaki OS-PRO Honor is a midsized chair designed for almost everyone with a max recommended user weight of 260 lbs. This is a solid chair new from Osaki that offers some of the top features you want from your massage chair.

Who is the Osaki OS-PRO Honor massage chair NOT for?

If you are over the recommended 260 lbs, you can still use the chair though it may put additional strain on the mechanics, causing it to run louder. It may also wear internally and externally at a faster rate.